Bia Miranda does not perceive Kerline’s participation in A Fazenda: “What are you right here for?”

Gretchen’s granddaughter voted for Kerline to go to the countryside, leaving the ex-BBB indignant

Bia Miranda says what she needs with out concern of being comfortable (or sad). Allocate! Yesterday (20), it was voting day for the formation of the roça in A Fazenda and the granddaughter of the queen of rebolado didn’t converse up when speaking about Kerline, saying that she didn’t know what the ex-BBB was doing throughout the actuality, since who mentioned it wasn’t for fame or TV.

“She mentioned she wasn’t right here for the media or TV, if that’s not why, what are she right here for? “, mentioned Bea.

And it didn’t cease there, in her speech Miranda even mentioned that she began approaching the group out of curiosity. “She began approaching us a few days in the past and I see it as concern for leaving within the first week of a actuality present”, she mentioned.

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